About Us

The Office of Tax Advisory and Accounting Services was established in 1995 by Magdalena Madej. The mission of the Office is to give our customers the best accountancy services possible. Our staff always utilizes the newest and best strategies for tax optimization and makes every effort to understand the needs of our clients, solving their problems comprehensively in an individualized way.

We specialize in serving companies with foreign capital, having had many years of experience in providing financial reports and other accounting services for foreign companies.

Among our many clients are commercial companies, partnerships, foundations, associations, and enterprising individuals.

We believe that quality accounting and tax services require individuals who are true professionals in their field, so our team consists of ambitious and talented people who are constantly improving their skills. The Office's employees speak English expertly , are familiar with international standards for corporate reporting, and have years of experience working in international corporations.

We work with reliable hardware and use professional, licensed Symphony software for accounting and payroll. Depending on a customer's needs, we may also provide our services via other software, such as SAP One, SAP ERP , Optima, and others.

The Office of Tax Advisory and Accounting Services has liability insurance on all of our tax advisory accountancy services and is registered in the list of Tax Advisors of the Ministry of Finance under number 05414.